You & Me

We are true to our values, but reinvent ourselves to anticipate the needs of our customers and adapt to market changes achieving greater efficiency. We focus on marketing experience. We make your brand become NEWS. We create BRANDED CONTENT: sponsorships and special plans. We believe in the power of VISUAL STORYTELLING. We develop the best positioning strategy for our clients at any time, ONLINE AND OFFLINE.

We identify the best ambassadors from each industry to act as representative of each brand. We use our method to train spokespeople and develop visibility campaigns. We conduct research and analysis and we manage crises situations to influence public opinion and perception. We develop communication strategies and positioning in key markets such as the US, Brazil, Mexico, Brazil, Mexico, Russia, where our partners implement the best plans to achieve success in each market.

Communication helps you to set enduring relationships based on trust.”


  • Brand perception analysis
  • Surveys
  • Focus groups

Internal communications

  • Intranets
  • Events and reward and recognition programs
  • Leadership courses for local and international senior management

External communications

  • Positioning
  • Local and international media management
  • Press conferences and one-on-one encounters
  • Offline and online material
  • Financial earnings
  • Corporate Videos

Crises Management

  • Media trainings in all media including the Internet and social media
  • Internal Workshops
  • Motivation events
  • Leadership courses

Institutional relations

  • Lobby
  • Crises handbook
  • Meetings plan and agenda
  • Workshop Management
  • International encounters with Governments and public and private institutions
  • Management of agreements and partnerships including patronage and SCR actions
  • Awards


  • Local and international event management in all sectors including public and private participation
  • Roadshows

Online communications

  • Positioning and online reputation
  • Web design and content
  • Social media strategy
  • Blog and forum management
  • Communication & PR plans for startups and Internet businesses (i.e. ecommerce)
  • Online marketing
  • Surveys
  • Management of PR strategy for startups
  • User-generated social media, geolocation and opinion webs & apps
  • Online communities events