Conscious and Creative Coaching

In order to be a good coach, a good life trainer (I like to call it a perfect travel companion), it is essential to be curious, have passion, be honest, a great active listener, a tireless life traveller, to have many resources and imagination, to be unafraid to face challenges and to be knowledgeable in many aspects. In my case, I am an expert in strategic communications, which helps me to discover the true values a person has and may not be showing to the rest of the world and is limiting that person’s lifestory.

Immersing in that person’s inner beliefs, dreams and ideals, it’s possible to work on on self-sabotage, fear and limitations, so individuals can take advantage of their full potential and live coherently with what they are here for.

My approach is conscious and creative because I am an artist-I sing therefore I am-, and I am an eager learner: I am passionate about psychology, philosophy, interpersonal communications, compared religions, mythology, sociology, interpretation techniques, theatre, music, cinema, buddhism, personal development, etc.

I have a creative and intuitive mind and I have a clear mission: helping people reach their goals and live the life they always dreamt of. This is how I have created a unique cocktail that is the foundation of the conscious and creative coaching, where I follow my own sources such as the fascinating expert in myths, Joseph Campbell, who inspired the Star Wars story after the long talks George Lucas enjoyed at the end of Campbell’s life, Carl Jung’s research on archetypes, the collective unconscious and synchronicity, Julia Cameron´s incredible method “The artist way”, proven after 20 years of empowerment to people, and also Hindu and Buddhist philosophies (my conversations and learning from my dear friend Dorjee Gyaltsen, who tours the world with the Dalai Lama), and the wisdom and clear vision that my teacher in Vedanta Adwaita Meditation has shared with me.

I am a vital woman, a people’s person, I have travelled the world and I have been a committed journalist and TV interviewer and a senior communications director and consultant for many companies, institutions and entrepreneurs. The reason behind this is I like people and I like to express myself and let my voice be the vehicle to reach other people and share the truth and the stories behind every person so that we become more tolerant and we understand each other better overcoming cultural differences and embracing change. I have helped brands and entrepreneurs to gain creativity and connect with people by rethinking their processes, thinking on how they contribute to make people’s lives better by developing initiatives to make this a better place for mankind. I have never helped them to “look better” but “to be better”.

My experience has given me the sense of fulfilment and a question that started out this new adventure of coaching: why not bring out the truth within everyone and thus help reconnect people with themselves and the world they live in? This is my idea of conscious and creative coaching and I want to share it with you.  Let’s start the journey now!